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Book your flight with American Airlines, with daily service from Lynchburg Regional Airport to Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

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There is real value in flying your Lynchburg Regional Airport. LYH is the most convenient and affordable travel option. We invite you to use our Cost Calculator to determine the true cost of your air travel experience, and see for yourself, why you should always try Lynchburg Regional first.

  • Mileage cost is based on round trip miles. Mileage is based on the current IRS rate of 65.5 cents per mile. Travel time value is based on round trip hours @ $21.425/ hour.
  • Travel time value is based on round trip hours @ $21.425/ hour.
  • Parking rates are based on daily average rates from each airport as of September 1, 2023. Rates may vary by lot, and number of days parked. Some airports offer weekly specials. Check with each airport for current parking rates.